Scientific Insights into
Learning Success

Corporate digital language learning with the Babbel Method

When many people think of language learning, they think of long hours in the classroom, thick textbooks, and arduous memorization. But it doesn’t have to be that way: Our 181 language learning professionals create learning experiences that quickly lead to success and are easily integrated into everyday work life. That’s the Babbel Method, and it’s even scientifically proven.

This report shows you:

  • what a Yale University study discovered about learning with Babbel
  • how 15 minutes a day is enough to learn a language
  • how our Didactics Team creates tailored courses for companies and industries
  • how you can overcome the top 3 challenges for language learning in everyday work life

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Blended Learning with
Babbel for Business

Our experts at Babbel for Business developed a unique Blended
Learning method combining individual self-paced learning inside
the Babbel app and interactive teacher-led video classes.

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