An improved learning culture for your team in two weeks

The playbook from Babbel for Business, for executives and HR

Businesses with a learning culture are innovative and crisis-proof. As experts in digital language learning, we support our customers as they support multilingualism for the benefit of their company. An established learning culture is central for this goal — do you and your employees already have learning goals for 2021?

Explore and develop the learning culture in your business ― it’s simple with the guidance from our new playbook:

  • With 10 reflective exercises, you’ll observe the internal attitudes toward learning in your company and set the conditions for a new learning culture.
  • Obtain helpful tips that integrate common-sense learning objectives into the everyday work culture of your employees.
  • Evaluate your results at the end of the two-week program with the help of our matrix that systematically identifies areas for development.

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