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Communication is essential for everyone who participates in the economy, but especially for companies with multilingual teams.

While language barriers and cultural differences can make communication a challenge, they can also lead to exciting innovations. Multilingualism has immense potential, and we want you to rethink effective communication in your multilingual workforce.

The success of your business and the satisfaction of your workers depends on communication that works. Clear communication creates strong teams and a healthy company culture.

In our free eBook, we focus on:

  • How good internal communication practices increase efficiency
  • The challenges that multilingual workforces face
  • Tips to improve communication across teams

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What we offer

Motivating video lessons

With the interactive group lessons of Babbel Live or the targeted 1:1 lessons of Babbel Intensive, your employees study a new language with purpose, in a motivating atmosphere with professional instructors.

Tailored learning content

On the Babbel language learning platform, your employees discover, in individual learning units, how to use a new language flexibly in their professional lives.

The Babbel method

Perfect for everyday work: all the important vocabulary conveyed in short, snackable units. Your employees learn what they need – no matter where, no matter when.

Measurable success

Multilingual teams are not only happier and more productive, they also have more customer success.  Thanks to our usage reporting, you can easily track your team’s progress.

More than 1000 companies are already using
Babbel for Business

"As an international software company with employees from over 50 countries, Babbel is the ideal tool for our team to improve their language skills or learn new languages, with little organizational effort."
Dr. René Schiller
Director Communications & Investor Relations at GK Software SE
“Based on Babbel’s method and its content, our previous classroom language program, and our goals, we created a custom learning methodology that combines the best of both worlds and gets students to the next level.”
Jeroen Greven
Academic Director, SHMS
“What convinced us about Babbel? The independence using the app, the direct contact through individual online lessons, and the freedom to learn when and where we want.”
Markus Himmelreich
HR Manager, Insight Technology Solutions GmbH